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Leading the firm’s legal industry efforts for the Virtual CFO team, I offer dedicated resources, financial insight, and critical thinking to address complex issues facing law firms. I have extensive experience in helping clients become more efficient, competitive, and profitable. Specializing in estate planning services at the firm, I work with clients including individuals, families, law firms, and owners. Our team's approach to working with other financial and legal advisors assists clients in achieving their goals in a tax-efficient manner. I collaborate with clients on individual and corporate tax planning, estate planning, multistate tax planning, ESOPs, and valuations of closely held business interests

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John C. Scott

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In Judicial Dollars and Cents: A Virtual CFO’s Playbook to Help Law Firms Create a Financial Roadmap to Success, John Scott helps law firm partners understand the financial side of their business.

Questions he helps answer:

  •  How much cash do you need in reserve (and how do you know if it’s enough)?
  •  How can four levers help you maximize your firm’s revenue?
  •  Is your firm working as efficiently as possible or is there room for improvement?
  •  How full is your client pipeline and how does that impact revenue and hiring decisions?

With extensive experience helping law firms grow and thrive, John Scott, leader of the legal industry efforts for Summit’s Virtual CFO by Anders, goes deep into these topics and more. Using concrete examples and straight-forward language, he helps busy partners who want to focus their efforts on the most impactful ways of getting a handle on their finances, regardless of their current financial comfort level.


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Virtual CFO Resource Material

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